Noris, Kourtney and Diane

Noris, Kourtney and Diane

Mrs. Noris has helped me tremendously! What a student needs is a patient teacher who will take time to understand, listen and teach students. This description fit Mrs. Noris well; she is an excellent teacher and counselor. After, the Spanish session is over, I feel confident and proud about what I have learned.

Her technique starts from the basics such as pronouncing the “ABC’s” in Spanish to build a strong base. Gradually gaining more knowledge each day you will be able to speak fluent Spanish. Every morning she wears a large smile on her face with a positive attitude, motivating you to lean more and become the best you can be.


Kourtney, Age 15

Good evening, everyone. I’ am writing this letter because I was very pleased with Mrs. Noris Crabtree tutoring my daughter Spanish. I could tell that my daughter was impressed with her from their first session. She is very patients, love children, and motivates them to excel. What I like most about her was her unique personality to teach Spanish.

You can tell she truly love what she does. I would recommend Mrs. Crabtree for any child and even adults especially if you think Spanish is hard. Mrs. Noris makes understanding Spanish fun and self-rewarding. In additions, she helps you build confidence in speaking and writing Spanish. My daughter achieved all of these goals from her and I just wish for more teachers like her.

Never will forget how you help make Spanish easier.

Thank you so much,

Diane, Adult

Mrs. Noris Crabtree is such a good Spanish teacher.
She was teaching my two children for 2 months and they loved to take her lessons. She has a great and warm personality which gives a good learning environment during her class.
Also, she made full use of every minute to teach students.
If you are planning to start a new language, Spanish, Mrs. Noris will be a good helper.

Helena, Adult

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