What to expect from Spanish For You Now

Spanish For You Know offers a dynamic learning style, proven to be more effective than traditional language skills development.

Traditional language skills development emphasizes “input” teaching with a heavy reliance upon textbooks and lectures. The objective is to deposit specific language skills content into the student. Lessons are based upon a set curriculum and are time based.

Spanish For You Know uses a “learning outcomes” approach which focuses on the student and his needs. Our teaching style relies heavily upon real life materials; active, two-way discussions between teacher and student; and a variety of teaching techniques, including the value of understanding body language in communication. There are no lectures or textbooks mandatory to purchase. The student’s life is the textbook.

The student shares the learning responsibility and is involved in planning and evaluation. Our objective is to empower the student to use the instruction in real life. Lessons are based on what is needed to achieve the student’s real-life goals. Advancement is determined by mastery of the needed skill, not covering a set content.

Therefore, the student can expect to start speaking Spanish from the first day and continue to learn and improve Spanish language skills tailored to the student’s career or interests throughout the instruction period.

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